Sunday, July 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note hanging problem solved

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note-1, that is- the first series Galaxy Note which has a BSNL SIM card. Used to constantly and repeatedly hang for no reason at all.
I searched the net for solutions and also had the Galaxy Note sent to the authorized service center.. but the problem persisted.
I received this useful tip which solved the problem...the problem lies with the vast number of android apps which try to access the internet simultaneously via the SIM card even though it is a 3G card.
What I did is this:

Go to settings>>>>data usage>>select the app (eg: gmail)>> check (click the tick sign)  restrict background data....

Do this for all the wireless/ internet data  hungry apps, like skype, any other apps that use a lot of data...
This solved the problem in my Galaxy Note...

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