Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to sign in to gmail account on your android phone

It was a real pain to access my gmail account from my android device. Despite repeated attempts at signing in to my gmail account on my Galaxy Note via the gmail app, it would not sign in, nor tell me what was wrong. So, I looked it up on google and this is what I found.
A slightly complicated process of signing in to my gmail on the Galaxy Note android device via something google calls Application specific passwords.
This link provides the path to generating application specific passwords:

It can be a pain to find the appropriate setting on gmail account settings on your PC. The link above has a small link which leads to the password generating page.
Once the password is generated, just enter it into the gmail app whilst signing in for the first time. It seems this password can be used only once. If need be generate it again for another gmail account or other app.
This video also was useful:

Monday, May 13, 2013

A simple method to make your own ultrasound phantom

This is a simple and relatively quick method of making your own ultrasound phantom. The video explains the whole process in meticulous detail.