Monday, March 26, 2012

Chocolate is not so bad after all:

A little chocolate can actually be good for health after all.
If some recent research done in California is to be believed a little of chocolate can actually prevent weight gain. But if overdone, it can actually cause the exact opposite- with resultant weight gain.

NCR- no country redirect- the battle to censor the net

Google has given in to political bickering by regional bigwigs and so called regional politics by redirecting the blogs ending in to (for India) and so on. This is to prevent litigation by courts and other legal tangles in countries like India which demand that google censor its content in these nations. But is it possible to still bypass this system. Yes. To get to the uncensored international edition of the blog, type /ncr after the link. Eg: to reach this blog page:
This has worked so far.
Until some petty politician rakes up muck again, perhaps Mulayamji or Mayawatiji if they needle the honorable Kapil Sibal!