Saturday, December 26, 2009

A personal review of AVATAR -the movie

Just managed to see the movie AVATAR in 3-D in Sridar theater in Cochin. I must say it was a good piece of work with the animations (the aliens) and real people (the humans) merging well into the movie. I expected fantastic 3-D effects..but that part (3-D effects) were a a bit of a disappointment. I have seen 3-D movies before, in the Malayalam film " My dear Kuttichathan" more than 2 decades ago, and the effects in that comparatively primitive local movie were fabulous. There were fireballs and missiles hurtling at the audience which made us sit at the edge of our seats.
But AVATAR with its massive budget could have done better for its 3-D effects. Agreed, the storyline was original and in tune with contemporary themes like the "war on terror" and the problems between indigenous peoples and exploitation of natural resources. But again, that could have been made more simplified.
One more thing, this is possibly one film (in Cochin) where most of the tickets (balcony) were sold out in advance , mostly online. See
Overall, the movie was expensive priced at Rs. 115/- per ticket (including the 3-D glasses).
But I might purchase the 3-D DVD version if got the chance.
Out of a total of 10 points, I would rate the movie avatar- at +7
3-D effects I would rate the movie at + 6 out of 10.