Friday, November 13, 2009

2012: -- The movie and the facts

The movie 2012 - and its doomsday scenario is based on a lot many "facts" accumulated over the years by various researchers from across the globe. How real is the threat of a doomsday even in December 2012? The frightening part of the whole theme is the fact that this prophecy is now entering mainstream thinking. Watch this youtube video (a part of a series of 6 video clips), recorded from a documentary on History channel.
That a major TV channel considered a serious study of the Doomsday predictions of prehistoric man, from the ancient Mayan and Chinese calendars and finds common ground in such a possibility with Einstein's theories on Polar shifts of the earth, shows that the whole theme deserves more than scorn.
But, didn't the doomsday prophets predict the end with the Y2K bug (year 2000 bug) in computers and its disastrous consequences?