Saturday, August 15, 2009

Intelligent design versus evolution:

Did the world in general and life on earth in particular, just happen by chance as the evolutionists would have us believe. New thinking originating on the campuses of USA (mind you -these are serious scientists, not some junkies), says that evolution of life (on earth) is not very likely given the glaring contradictions of evolution theories. I saw a video documentary, consisting of discussions among leading biochemists and genetic scientists which says the possibility of life evolving from a "chemical soup" in the ancient oceans is nearly impossible. It describes the example of a unicellular organism like the paramecium and the flagella it uses to move. The single flagella it uses has been shown to be too complex a system to have evolved in bits and pieces. Consisting of nano motors and parts, (on electron microscopy), this organism's parts are at the forefront of new thinking. Why would the (flagellum's) motor first evolve and then be followed by part after part.. ?
So who put the most advanced life form on earth.. namely man, on this planet. Einstein tried to find the grand unification theory that could explain everything from life to chemistry and astronomy. I think today new thinkers might yet find answers in my lifetime.

See this you tube video: